I have a confession: A few years ago I thought that the idea of hiring a wedding planner was a really silly one. Why would you let a stranger plan the biggest day of your life? The problem is that I failed to understand at that time what a wedding planner really does as well as being inexperienced in regards to the amount of work that goes into a wedding.

In the years that followed, I was part of several weddings of family and friends. With each wedding I started realizing the effort that is required to make an event as detailed as a wedding progress smoothly. During the planning stage, there are many details to sort through-budget, menus, design, venues, vendors, guests, invitations etc. etc. Add to that the input coming from many different people in your life and it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. ┬áBy the time that the wedding day rolls around, there is an aspect of exhaustion that detracts from the actual celebration and that may have you wishing you had decided to elope.

In light of this, enter the idea of a wedding planner. Contrary to my belief that a wedding planner will take over the planning of the wedding making it less of your event and more of a “pre-formatted” event, a wedding planner brings organization to the myriad of details. You will be able to provide your vision and wishes and work with your planner to create a wedding that fits you. A wedding planner is there to protect your interests and make sure that vendors and others involved will serve you well. You can approach your wedding day with all the excitement and let the stress go. On your wedding day, you can be assured that someone is there with a back up plan for the incidentals that happen.

Of course, when you are considering the option of hiring a wedding planner or coordinator it is vitally important to find a company who you are comfortable with. Not only will this company be making the most important event of your life happen, but you will be spending a significant amount of time working with them. Take the time to talk with them, in person if possible, and ask them how they would approach the details that are most important to you as well as your concerns.

Give yourself the gift of the ability to enjoy to the fullest the process of planning your wedding and preparing for the most beautiful event of your life!

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