Wedding planning can be fairly smooth sailing for some, especially those who enjoy making many decisions and keeping track of timelines. However, there will likely come a point for nearly every bride and groom where eloping sounds like an attractive plan. Since it would be sad to throw away months of work and the dreams of your wedding day, it’s not time to scratch the celebration off the books! There are varying levels of wedding planning that are offered by most wedding planners. If you’re partway through the planning and feeling overwhelmed, you may want to research options for partial planning. This is the opportunity to have someone complete the plans that you’ve already made and assist you through the remainder of the process. If you’re days or weeks away from the wedding and you’re looking for someone to oversee the procedures of the wedding weekend, a day of coordinator should fit you perfectly.

Ideally, it’s best to form a plan for who you’re counting on to provide these services for you as early in your planning process as possible. The earlier you book planning or coordination services, the more time you allow yourself to establish a working relationship with your planner or coordinator. Before making a decision to hire someone, make sure that they provide the services that will meet your specific needs, for the smoothest and most stress free scenario possible.

You may be experiencing a freak out moment with little time to spare before the wedding, however, it is worth taking a little time to try to find a professional who may have a last minute availability for you. In the event that the companies you contact are not available, ask for a recommendation for another trusted professional in the area. Never assume that you’re too late to relax and enjoy your wedding day!


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