The month of May marks an important milestone in the life of Radiant Events. Since May 2016, the business has gone from little more than a dream to reality and even more dreams! I look back on this year with a deep sense of gratitude. Were it not for the support of family and friends, people who encouraged me through myriads of doubts, and the incredible faithfulness of God, I’m not sure I would’ve had the courage to push through the tough moments. As with anything in life, there have been many lessons to learn. I started out with minimal knowledge of business  and a limited knowledge of the wedding industry. There was a lot of experimentation that went down, a lot of figuring out what works and what doesn’t, and a lot of studying to become a certified wedding planner.

The ability to be able to follow a dream and do what I really enjoy is a privilege. Weddings have fascinated me my entire life. They represent an event that is filled with beauty and pretty things as well as the sacredness of love that is committing itself for a lifetime. It is an incredible honor to be entrusted with this moment in a couple’s life. I am grateful to each brave client who took the leap of faith to book a brand new wedding planner!

In looking to the future, I’m so excited to serve our wonderful clients and continue to invest even more in the life of this region. The future for Radiant Events is bright!

Enjoy a look back at the past year!

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