Whatever context the word budget is mentioned in, it usually doesn’t carry with it the connotation of bliss. However, weddings are supposed to be times of bliss when cares fall away and celebrating is what we do. The financial side of weddings gets a lot of bad rap these days with the climbing of the average wedding budget numbers. It can be genuinely stressful if you’re starting the planning process and you don’t have $35,000 dollars saved for the wedding of your dreams. There’s good news though, you are not bound by industry standard or cultural expectation to plunge yourself tens of thousands into debt to celebrate the most monumental moment of your life together!


Here you will find some tips for saving money and stress while planning your wedding.

  1. Take an honest look at how much you truly can afford.
  2. Make this number a guiding factor in the direction that you take with planning. Despite what your relatives/friends and culture say about how you do it, you get to make this call. (Unless they’re contributing financially.)
  3. Hire a wedding planner. (You knew this was coming!) Seriously though, a great wedding planner will not only cover the cost of their fees in savings but also save you a lot of time and stress.
  4. If you’re still DIY-research vendors. Find out industry standard pricing and compile information for all potential vendors.
  5. Decide what points are non-negotiable for you, as well as what you’re willing to do without. More flexibility=less stress & a chance for savings.
  6. Outline all elements as early as possible-design, decor, attire etc. Give yourself time to price shop and look for bargains. Strategic buying is your best friend.
  7. Stick to the budget! Don’t let those last minute Pinterest discoveries sink your best intentions.

How can we help?

  1. Vendor research is something that we work on continually. We take time to build strong working relationships to bring you the best in the industry for reliability and professionalism.
  2. We’re prepared with budget outlines, ideas, and strategies for cutting costs without being cheap.
  3. At Radiant Events, we pass along any discounts and promo pricing to you.
  4. We work as a liaison between you and your vendors during planning as well as at the wedding.
  5. We take the burden of “hosting” the wedding off you and your family by making sure that your guests are comfortable and attended to.
  6. We’re here for you! We get that there’s times when you’ll feel overwhelmed, and those are the moments when we are here especially for your venting.
  7. We’re here to take the blame for the detail that Aunt Betsy didn’t like. After all, we won’t be at your family reunions in the future, but you will be.

We have services that range from getting the planning off to a solid start to full wedding planning. Wherever you find yourself in the planning process, we would love to take some time to meet with you and bring the bliss back into the celebration! For more information email ria@radiantevents.net.

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