With winter melting away into spring, my thoughts are turning towards warmer weather and wedding season. Although the last several months have included a couple of winter weddings in all their snowy dreaminess, winter has mainly been a season of preparing for upcoming 2018 summer and fall weddings. This preparation is comprised of many meetings, vendor communications, and discussions about menus and design. Although winter brings a lull in the busyness of wedding weekends, I’m ready to bring those plans to fruition and see the results of months of planning.


There are many aspects to planning weddings that I really love. From hearing love stories and getting to know my clients and their families to employing every fiber of organization in my being, weddings present wonderful opportunities and challenges. I’ve been asked though what my favorite moment of a wedding is. The honest answer is that there are so many moments that merit special mention, the moment when the bride slips on her white dress and her closest ones get to see her as a bride for the first time, the moment when the boutonnieres and corsages are pinned successfully, the moment when the music begins and anticipation reaches climax, the moment when the couple is pronounced husband and wife, the first dance and parent dances, just to mention a few. However, the one moment that I love best is the moment when the bride and groom meet at the head of the aisle, the meeting for the moment that will join their lives forever.


I don’t know if there will ever come a day when these moments will become old for me. My greatest pleasure as a wedding planner is witnessing these special and life changing moments and setting the stage for a lifetime of precious memories.

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