Who We Are

Located in Penn Yan, Radiant Events serves the greater Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Radiant Events specializes in full service, start to finish bridal consulting and wedding design. Founded with our love for the Finger Lakes in mind, our desire is to create weddings that both highlight the beauty of this area and make memories that you will treasure for many years to come. Our mission is to create weddings that are uniquely you, stunningly beautiful, and filled with peace, radiance, and joy.

Meet Ria, owner and designer of Radiant Events.


Being captivated by weddings from a young age, by all the beauty and love expressed, Ria is a natural. As her older siblings started getting married, Ria jumped in on helping with anything she could. Along with acquiring experience in weddings, Ria also learned just how much responsibility often falls on the family in the absence of a wedding planner or coordinator. Ria is everything and more that you could want in a wedding planner. Her positive, fun, yet competent personality is exactly what every bride needs to assist them in the crazy, emotional process of planning a wedding. Ria is organized, calm, and on top of it. She is enthusiastic and responsible and makes sure that you will genuinely feel cared for and celebrated.

The Story

In 2012 a childhood friend asked Ria to coordinate her wedding. With having a number of guests attending from out of town, they wanted somebody who knew the area well to ensure that guests were hosted well; additionally, they wanted someone to field questions and oversee the organization and coordination of wedding day details. Ria thoroughly enjoyed the experience and in a conversation with another friend, casually mentioned that she’d do the same for this friend’s wedding when the time came for her wedding. In 2015 this friend took her up on the offer and once again Ria enjoyed the experience. Over the same period of time Ria also was working at Care Net Penn Yan, a local non profit, and was involved in planning fundraisers and other events, which further solidified her love of an event well done.

Ria started dreaming of starting her own business. Her dream began with a desire to create something that would allow her to serve people an experience that would draw them together and inspire them. The dream was to start a coffee shop that served high quality coffee and artisan pastries, reminiscent of the European cafe culture Ria loves. However, upon further research, Ria knew that that dream would have to be put on hold for awhile. In the meantime though, she dreamed of a name for her business and the brand that she wanted to build. Being an avid lover of puns and finding a single word that encapsulates a complete though, Ria knew that Radiant was the word she wanted to use to represent her brand.

The idea of event planning as a business came to the forefront as an idea that could actually work. Planning to offer services for events in general, Ria’s first event was a birthday party. In the fall of 2016, Ria began study to earn official designation as a Certified Wedding Planner. After study and research in the wedding industry, the decision was made to focus solely on weddings. After an incredible first season in 2017, her business idea proved a success and a foundation for a future of creating beautiful weddings in the Finger Lakes. In the words of a client: “Radiant Events, and Ria, are worth their weight in gold centerpieces and diamond engagement rings.”