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Budget Bliss

Whatever context the word budget is mentioned in, it usually doesn’t carry with it the connotation of bliss. However, weddings are supposed to be times of bliss when cares fall away and celebrating is what we do. The financial side of weddings gets a lot of bad rap these days with the climbing of the average wedding budget numbers. It can be genuinely stressful … Read More Budget Bliss


Styled Shoot!

The rays of sun were slanting through the hops on one of our more beautiful days this spring in the Finger Lakes. A few local wedding creatives came together to set the stage for a scene to represent the businesses and talent that they are bringing to this region. It was a privilege to be a part of this project, I hope you enjoy … Read More Styled Shoot!

One Year!

The month of May marks an important milestone in the life of Radiant Events. Since May 2016, the business has gone from little more than a dream to reality and even more dreams! I look back on this year with a deep sense of gratitude. Were it not for the support of family and friends, people who encouraged me through myriads of doubts, and … Read More One Year!

Eeeek, Am I Too Late?

Wedding planning can be fairly smooth sailing for some, especially those who enjoy making many decisions and keeping track of timelines. However, there will likely come a point for nearly every bride and groom where eloping sounds like an attractive plan. Since it would be sad to throw away months of work and the dreams of your wedding day, it’s not time to scratch … Read More Eeeek, Am I Too Late?



I have a confession: A few years ago I thought that the idea of hiring a wedding planner was a really silly one. Why would you let a stranger plan the biggest day of your life? The problem is that I failed to understand at that time what a wedding planner really does as well as being inexperienced in regards to the amount of … Read More Confession


Construction Mess

This is the excerpt for your very first post.